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Dystopian Diary: Native Americans

There are few things more dystopian than one day realizing that a huge chunk of history you were indoctrinated with growing up, infact the chunk that deals with where you live, how American society came to be, and also happens to include the greatest misfortune (and subsequently, the greatest upset victory) in human history, was just fed to you as complete bullshit. It’s almost tacky nowadays for people to talk about Native Americans and how they were treated, about the exalted jokes that are Columbus and Thanksgiving, everyone knows about that. But you might be shocked, as I once was, to hear that tens of millions of Native Americans were killed because you probably didn’t know tens of millions (possibly more) even existed.

Now, just take a moment, and think about everything you ever knew or learned about Native Americans, and about what America was like before it was “settled”.

Then, read this.

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