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Dystopian Diary: The Quiz


more context:

The downside of this whole fuss people make about freedom is that people who really shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of freedom (for example, many who are controlled by some sort of group fanaticism, such as some extensions and branches of organized religion, as opposed to personal faith which I have no qualms with) get to pollute everyone else’s. I’m also loving the stock response that the people defending this quiz on Facebook give (and, according to the last question in this quiz, are taught to give) when told that, say, the Earth is billions of years old:  “were you there?”

Were YOU? Were the people who wrote your bible? How do you even know they wrote your bible or were writing a bible at all…WERE YOU THERE TOO? Hold on, how do you even know what a dinosaur is? Wait, I’m trying to use reason here – I’ve already lost. I understand that the education system that I went through was also heavily flawed, skewed, and designed with a clear purpose not necessarily in line with my best interests, but this is a tragic example of the downside of freedom. Which I’ll write about in more detail soon.



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