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Dystopian Diary: David Wong

One of the few sites I’ll regularly read at work is Cracked. Even though it recognizes that many of its articles aren’t meant to be taken seriously, there’s alot of genuinely surprising stuff to be learned there, many sparks for long wikipedia searches. David Wong (who I’ve just learned through wikipedia is the pseudonym taken by a certain Jason Pargin) is one of the site’s creative progenitors, and he shows up once in awhile to write some (usually) really good shit. Like his recent piece on what has transpired since 9/11…which in hindsight make his taking a pseudonym seem less anachronistically ridiculous.

There’s a curious thing that “David” illustrates really well about what happens to works like 1984 or other dystopian portrayals. Initially they gain popularity and are hailed as stark warnings of what might be…but eventually they come to be mocked, taken lightly, and associated with radical lunacy (the “tin-foil hat”). At some point though, similar changes really begin to sneak by…and soon you’re not so far away.

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