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Public Shaming : World Series Game 4

I’m a pretty big fan of public shaming. Social pressure is a huge factor in shaping human behavior, and frankly I think too many people get away with way too much under the auspices of “freedom”, especially in the public sphere. How many times have you heard “free country” as a response to something unfathomably awful or stupid someone says or does? Well this is kind of the problem…when you’re living in a land of mostly exorbitant luxury where people largely are allowed to do as they please, they don’t get put down nearly enough.

Enter the beauty of public shaming – again, especially if you’re putting garbage out in public. I’m fairly sure that I will post something from this site each time an update goes up, because this seems to be the best way we currently have for punishing many deplorable humans and their actions. Enjoy.

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