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Highary Entry: Friendsgiving Edition

First I want to say that this was not the first time it occurred to me that writing while high is a good idea. I recorded some thoughts on a recent trip to a cabin in upstate New York as well, but didn’t blog them up (though many of them revolved around an epiphany about night being optional). I think one of the battles you wage with yourself when under the influence of, for example, weed, is overcoming the paranoia that your trains of thought are incredibly base, stupid, or wrong, and trying to salvage some insight from them (if any).

This weekend’s journey led down a pathway where I began thinking of some of my friends according to a new set of metrics:  create, compete, and consume. It’s pretty obvious stuff…while packing up for the return trip and listening to music, some of my friends talked about what band or stage names they would have if they were musicians. I could imagine the exact same conversation with Ed and some other buddies about something similar in sports. We were consuming different things. But sometimes that consumption itself leads to creation (for future consumption, like the storing of memories in pictures and video or on blogs and tumblrs), depending on how many people have the personality or inclination to make it so. One of my friends for example was already putting up the pictures into carefully sorted albums and categories…work in joy, joy in work. At this stage in my life and in general, my consumption sliders are quite high. And there are activities that fill multiple requirements (I would for example classify sports and music as fertile grounds for both competing and creating).

None of this is particularly original stuff. I may even have gotten those exact classifications from someplace else, and just don’t remember. But does everyone need a certain balance to feel their best? Does everyone just need a SPECIFIC balance? And to what extent can people re-balance the sliders? Can a parent target for a certain balance? Should they?

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