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New Beginnings

First off, hope some of you NBA fans caught the Bulls-Cavs game tonight, if you weren’t out and about doing Halloween stuff. Really intense back and forth game, Kyrie Irving was even caught during a timeout asking ‘so is this what a playoff game feels like?’ And it most certainly was. Should be an awesome season for these new Cavs, Lebron showed up tonight clearly looking to redeem himself after the letdown in the opener.

Second is that I’ve finally decided to give DotA casting a go. My connection isn’t great though it seems that my computer is up to snuff, but gotta start somewhere…I’m going to be casting Amateur Dota 2 League Season 5, as well as any other leagues that I’m able to get my hands on. I’ll be trying to broadcast most of those to a twitch I set up specifically for it: . Excited to take this next step forward in my favorite hobby and try to create some content helpful for newer players.

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