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Team Random (ex Wings) Weibo Statements

After deliberating, waiting, and editing their posts, Team Random (formerly TI6 champion Wings Gaming) released their Weibo statements this morning regarding their departure from the squad. They’ve now got to focus on playing the Kiev Major which, given their results in recent months, should prove quite important to their finding a new home as a team, whether they stay together, etc.
Y’s post Link:
“This written piece is a joint summary of the the experiences and feelings that the five of us, Shadow, blink, Faith_bian, iceice and myself have shared since February 3 (returning from Chinese New Year break).
From February 3 onwards, our grouping up to train and adjust never got us to an ideal competitive form, and we didn’t have much time left to prepare for SLI at month’s end. In match preparation we had ups and downs but no clear improvement and positive momentum, yet that’s when this incident began. We typically receive our salaries on the 8th of each month, but this time we weren’t paid in a timely manner, and weren’t compensated for that month’s salary until March 15, and we didn’t get what was supposed to be paid on March 8. Initially when we signed our contract it was hoped that the company would live up to a more upstanding, legitimate, and proper company by everyone’s ideals, a more professional club.
But what was ultimately so key for us throughout the incident, is that back in the beginning when my friend first introduced us to Wings’ owner, he would frequently eat with us, come visit us at our team house, come visit and talk to us and encourage us before LANs. But ever since we won TI he never came to see us, and kept hemming and hawing and delaying on two months’ salary. This isn’t an issue of money, but more of the emotions and feelings team members have towards their owner. A combination of slumping competitive form and a hurtful relationship with our owner caused us to decide to part ways, and wholeheartedly put ourselves into this upcoming competition (the Kiev Major).
Ultimately the owner didn’t disappear, paid us our due salaries, and even held a final pre-battle meeting just before this tournament. Thanks, boss! (Though it took so long to share our thoughts that there’s a shred of feeling like we disappointed the fans and people who care about us and inquired constantly, and even though posting this now risks hurting our future professional gaming careers, but we still feel like this is the right thing to do, have to stick to our guns on what we feel is right, have to speak our minds when we’re supposed to, that way we can own up to our own consciences and fans. This Kiev tournament will be our first and possibly last match as the Random family, and we’ll put everything into showing our fans that we still love Dota).
To sum this up, every choice, experience, and argument was worth it. I rejoice and in days to come will always find most worth remembering that there was a time where we had this family we could be so happy and proud of, thanks to my teammates, thanks to everyone who has always cared about us. Most deserving of thanks is a person who has always supported and motivated me~ ”

Shadow’s post Link:
Translation: “Greetings everyone, let me briefly explain why we left the team and created Team Random.
It’s actually quite simple, from the beginning of February 2017 we stopped getting our salaries, I asked the owner what the situation was, he first found a reason to say that we just had to wait a short time. But the agreed upon date came and went, and we still didn’t get our salary. We went to ask him again, he found another reason to delay, and ultimately we reached the following month’s salary date and still hadn’t gotten anything, essentially missing two months salary. He continued to find reasons for a delay, and another half month passed. We’re not fixated or quibbling on the delay of salary, but this attitude of not telling us the truth and hemming and hawing to find reasons to avoid paying our salary, to put it bluntly is like being ditched or cancelled on three or four times for just this one thing, and there’s simply no trust left in our owner, so we’re extremely disappointed in him, and through legal means we dissolved our contract and created Team Random. I also want to say, don’t believe all the rumors and flames going around on the internet before, please respect the team and club that is Wings Gaming. Though we’re switching organizations, the five of us are still together, and it won’t change. Finally, thanks to all the fans who have always supported us!”

Blink’s Post Link:
Translation: “We’re just a bunch of dota lovers. It’s only because of Dota that fate brought us together, making this Wings club, going from complete obscurity to a breakout at ESL Manila, to a one round knockout at the Manila Major, the preparation of The Summit 5, and the glory of TI6. The five of us grew up together with the club, going through failure and frustration, and enjoying the jubilation of success. Through our wildly diverse and ever-changing playstyle and strategies we received the admiration and love of Dota enthusiasts, and a tremendous thanks go out to those who have supported us.
Though we won TI6, Wings was still a small club at the time, and its operations and management weren’t polished or mature. We were still five youngsters chasing a dream, just wanted to play Dota together, so we didn’t really consider going to a larger, more established or developed club. The TI prize pool was an 80/20 split, and after asking some people in the scene, this high of a prize would typically not be distributed in a way that the club would get a bigger cut than each player, but we also wanted to repay the club and hope the club’s high share of the prize would help it develop better and faster, so we didn’t sweat the details. Ultimately everyone decided to stay at the place where our dreams began, and begin our new journey from there.
The performance of Wings after TI6 didn’t live up to ideals and we went through turbulent ups and downs, as if we’d really been struck by the TI curse. After receiving such a large prize cut, the club didn’t really change. Even the acclaim, attention, and spotlight of a TI championship didn’t really lead to any meaningful improvements. At the same time our owner essentially seemed to stop caring about us, where in the past he’d always come to the team house to visit us, always take us out for food before we traveled to competitions, always encourage and uplift us, and set goals for each event. We were like good friends, because our hard work together made Wings Dota 2 better and better. But somehow winning TI seemed like a reversal, creating a state of uncaring and indifference, as if the owner had no relationship with us. After New Years we all tried to adjust and improve our form, and rebuild our confidence. But it was right at this time that the club stopped giving us backed salary, and there were problems with the club’s operations. At first we didn’t pay too much mind, but after the owner kept delaying on us without explanation, we began to feel disappointed in him. For about two months we experienced many instances where a set date for payment would pass without any response, and it made us feel like we were being cheated. It’s not because we lack for this bit of money, and at the same time we’re willing to go through tough times together with the club, but instead this attitude and treatment caused us to completely lose trust in our owner. Though the owner didn’t run away or disappear, and ultimately paid us the salary we were owed, our hearts are no longer with Wings. Finally, thanks to all the friends who have cared for and supported us, and we hope to perform well at the Kiev Major!”

Faith_bian’s Post Link:
Translation: “Our five players have already, through the legal process, dissolved our contract with Wings Gaming. A new chapter of our journey is about to begin, and before the matches start, I’d like to thoroughly enlighten everyone on our situation, share heartfelt feelings, reduce some of the stress and pressure, and explain things to our fans.
Let’s quickly recap our thoughts on our voyage. I’ll begin with ESL Genting 2017, the final tournament for us before Chinese New Year. At that point we weren’t playing well, and the atmosphere in the team was deteriorating. But in the second game of our Best of 3 against Newbee, we took advantage of our opponent’s mistakes and our own excellent execution to complete a very difficult comeback, and that was a huge shot of adrenaline to the heart for us. In the Game 3 that followed, we rode this momentum to a 20,000 gold advantage, but some key mistakes later on gave the game away for us.We took this half-believing, half-doubting mindset with us into the New Year break.
After getting together again, we got into our previous state of constantly being on the verge of disbanding, but the ebb and flow once again kept us in the same sea. After the waves calmed a bit we went back into our usual training routines, of which I won’t say too much, and everyone saw our results at SLI and DAC. Poor. But that’s also when the fires were lit for our departure from Wings.
Beginning in February, the club stopped paying our salaries. Originally salary due to us on February 8 was delayed constantly until March 15, at which point our March 8 salary was also owed. In everyone’s eyes this salary should have been a trivial matter, how could the TI6 champions be in such urgent need of salary? But to us, the impression and meaning of this was out of the ordinary. We’re a club that came up from nothing, and it was with the hard toil and struggle of everyone, including our owner, general manager, different managers and team leaders that we reached the peak. At first, our owner would constantly encourage us, lead and teach us, and would talk to us regularly during both practice and before matches. But once we hit the valley after the peak, our owner’s behavior and attitude towards us continually let us down. It was as if our owner were completely oblivious to a fierce tempest raging all around him. This divide might have been because the club was growing and there were more and more things to work on. But we were a grassroots club, and our direction and growth are, at the very root, in our owner’s hands. Forgive me for being unable to comprehend our owner’s choices. Speaking not of organizational development or progress but purely of our feelings, we’d been by our owner’s side the longest, and it took a lot for things to come to this, whether it’s partly our own naive ideals, or moreso the owner’s negligence and change of position.
Because of this, in our hearts this club is no longer the place for us to chase our dreams, and we’re going to find a new one. Our gratitude goes to the club and the owner for their eventual apology, agreement, and settlement, and I hope Youth Tech can smoothly go on its planned path.
Finally, to those fans whose support for us has been unyielding, it’s been a great joy to get to know you, and we’re still us, and hope that you’ll still be with us every step of the day. Best wishes to everyone.”

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